Von Miller is good at everything, except kicking a football

Von Miller is a star, on and off the field. He’s the reigning Super Bowl MVP. He’s great at celebrating big plays. Miller is a master of social media, and he’s a phenomenal dancer. He’s also the highest-paid defender in the NFL. What isn’t Miller good at, you may ask?

Von Miller is bad at kicking.

This kick goes wrong in so many ways. The L. P. Ladouceur Jersey hold looks fine, but once Miller makes contact with the ball, the trajectory is so low and wide right that it’s just … well, it’s a terrible kick.

At the ESPY Awards this month, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Anthony opened up the show with a powerful message about gun violence and police brutality. Bennett says he would like to see his fellow NFL stars band together to make a similar statement.

“In the NBA, everybody is standing up for La’el Collins Jersey it, so the greatest players are in the forefront of the movement. Here in the NFL, the greatest players aren’t in the forefront of the movement,” Bennett said. “Whether it’s the CBA, whether it’s things going on with trying to change the way — concussions. The greatest players aren’t involved like LeBron James, Chris Paul and all these guys [in the NBA]. Our great players are sitting back just taking the dollars, whether it’s Cam Newton, all these guys. They’re not really on the forefront of trying to change what’s going on.”

According to reports, Bennett later called Newton to apologize for singling him out.

This isn’t the first time this summer that Bennett, 30, has criticized athletes for their lack of social involvement. He lambasted Stephen Curry a few weeks ago for charging kids exorbitant prices to attend his basketball camp in Hawaii, where Bennett lives with his wife. He continued with that theme Saturday, saying athletes should take advantage of their bully pulpit to make a difference rather than extra cash.

The police killings of African-Americans Alton Sterling and Philando Castile as well as the subsequent assassinations of law enforcement officials in Dallas and Baton Rouge compelled the typically apolitical Michael Jordan to donate $2 million to groups dedicated to ending police-related shootings. The groundwork is set for others to follow suit.

After tearing his ACL in Week 15, the defensive back was forced to miss the regular season finale, along with the team’s first two postseason games in 2015. This was the second major knee injury in three seasons with the team, but they’re expecting him to return without any issues.

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