NHL playoff scores 2017: Goaltending was optional in wild Western Conference opening night

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Pekka Rinne and Jake Allen both stole the show in their respective round one series. Unfortunately for fans of both the Predators and Blues, it seems as if that won’t be the case in round two of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Is it just a switch they can flip? Maybe the thing is that Cleveland has found the switch, and now they’re just toying with us by using it liberally. For the first half, just for fun, Cleveland left it off. Some Cavalier stands next to the switch at halftime, chain smoking cigarettes, chuckling at enthused Pacers fans who thought their team might actually be coming through in Game 3, before flipping it into the on position. God, it really seemed that easy on Thursday, didn’t it?

As much as we’ll keep talking about flipping switches — and yes, the second-half defense was demonstrably better than the first 24 — maybe the first half was really a problem for Cleveland. Certainly, if the Cavaliers have dreams of another title, they can’t mess around for entire quarters before they really start playing.

It’s still so hard to tell, and seeing how Cleveland is 3-0 in the first round, maybe they know exactly what they’re doing. In three seasons, the Cavaliers have yet to lose a first-round game. In fact, they’ve now won 19 of 21 games in the opening two rounds since James’ return.
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Elite Kids Patrick DiMarco Jersey As long as they have him (James has won 20 straight first-round games, by the way), they’re the favorites to return to the finals. It’s not a complicated equation at all. James spotted the Pacers 15 points and gave himself 24 minutes to beat them, and then he did just that. He has done this to Indiana repeatedly over the past half-decade, crushing them when he was in Miami and now continuing his dominance with Cleveland, where he shows no more mercy than he did with the Heat.

James is possibly the best player ever, and these are the things he does.

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