Fisher became just the fourth offensive lineman drafted No. 1 overall since the AFL-NFL merger and the first from the MAC

But it wasn’t just a matter of filming opposing team’s coaches — it was also how that information was allegedly passed to Brady.

As the scandal broke, the NFL was investigating a possible violation into the number of radio frequencies the Patriots were using during the Jets game, sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, who reported at the time that the Pats did not “have a satisfactory explanation when asked about possible irregularities in its communication setup during the game.”

And even after the offensive line settled down, one of the Vikings’ most dangerous players, wide receiver Stefon Diggs, couldn’t hold onto the ball.

Diggs had two big drops (one coming on what would have been a third-down conversion), a fact made all the more puzzling when you consider that he had only three drops during the 2016 season.

He has started 59 of his 62 games, and though he hasn’t been voted to a Pro Bowl, he improved enough to land a $48 million extension in 2016.

Sunday marks the first time since 2004 the Bills will play their final regular-season game with a chance to make the playoffs.

The last time the Bills qualified for the playoffs was in 1999, when Bill Clinton occupied the White House.

The chances aren’t great, but the Bills can end the longest current playoff drought — the fifth-longest in NFL history — with outside help. The Bills have to beat the Dolphins on Sunday in South Florida, and either have the Ravens lose to the Bengals or have both the Titans and Chargers lose to the Jaguars and Raiders, respectively.

“It’s exciting, I’ve got to believe, for this city,” Bills first-year coach Sean McDermott told reporters this week. “We’re in a position that we haven’t been in, this city hasn’t been in, for a number of years. To me, there’s an electricity about it this time of year to be in this type of situation. It’s a situation that our guys have earned, and I’m proud of them for it.”

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