Now an All-Star, Joel Embiid ‘might have to pass’ on Rihanna

Joel Embiid tried to score a date with Rihanna prior to his rookie season but she allegedly told him to come back when he was an All-Star.

Well, the 76ers center was voted an All-Star starter Thursday, so does he finally have a shot now?

“She denied me back then, so why go with her again?” Embiid said after the Sixers win over the Celtics Thursday. “I might have to pass that and move on to the next one… Trust the Process.”

This spring, four players with All-Star Games on their résumés and long-term contracts totaling $276 million are dealing with strange vantage points and information overload as they try to embrace the subtleties of a position change in the Cactus League. The regular-season opener is barely three weeks away, and they’re tasked with making something incredibly hard look like second nature.

“It’s extremely frustrating. Disappointing, anger, all those emotions … we were trying to do whatever we could to avoid this,” Leuer said. “I knew even a month and a half ago when I saw the specialist that he kind of suggested (surgery) right away, but we wanted to see if we could try to manage the pain and hopefully get through the season.

After all, the USWNT’s World Cup success inspired countless young athletes to play and follow soccer, and elevated the game in the eyes of even the sport’s most caustic critics.

Rooney hopes that this gold medal does the same for women’s hockey.

“That’s always been the goal. Grow the game. Develop the youth,” she says. “Doing what soccer has done would be incredible, and to give kids the same opportunity kids have had in soccer would be awesome.”

Rooney is now an important part of that future.

Oklahoma City’s Big 3 looked more like a Big 4 in a 148-124 win over the Cavaliers. Paul George had 36 points and seven rebounds, Carmelo Anthony had 29 points and 10 rebounds, Russell Westbrook had 23 points, 20 assists and nine rebounds, and Stephen Adams had 25 points and 10 rebounds on 12-of-13 shooting.indians_013

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