If the Niners start slow, the same fans who want to build a statue for Garoppolo will be grousing about the size of his paycheck.

After winning their last five games of the season, the 49ers rewarded quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo with a five-year, $137.5 million contract, making him the NFL’s highest-paid player at the time. With free-agent additions like cornerback Richard Sherman and tailback Jerick McKinnon in town and nine draft picks in their back pocket, the 49ers look like they could make real noise in the NFC West in 2018.

After the year, the Pats signed Moss to a three-year, $27 million deal with $15 million in guarantees. That was in a league where the salary cap was at $116 million — under the current cap, that deal would look more like a three-year, $41 million pact. Moss unquestionably took less money than he could have found on the free market to stay with the Patriots, and Beckham would surely be looking to top the $17 million per year Antonio Brown got on his most recent extension, but it’s not impossible to imagine a world in which Belichick pays a premium for a truly transcendent wide receiver.

More than anything, what this deal affords the Pats is flexibility to fill one or more holes on their roster. They have a major need at offensive tackle after losing Nate Solder, and could use pieces along the defensive line and at cornerback. Another wide receiver wouldn’t hurt, either. Belichick has the assets to move up, down and around the board to target the guys he wants, and he has a track record of winning those trades more often than not.

Correa is hitting .438 with a team-leading 5 RBIs.

Intrigued, McCallum introduced himself to Bernhard after class. He explained how he had fallen in love with Las Vegas and thought it was a wonderful place to raise his family.

I also think it’s a wonderful place for my team, the Oakland Raiders, to move to, McCallum told Bernhard. But people always say, ‘Good luck convincing the owners and the rest of the NFL that Las Vegas isn’t evil and that sports betting isn’t evil.’ I think I now have the answers to that. Do you want to meet Mark Davis

Just weeks after McCallum attended Bernhard’s class, Davis arrived discreetly at the International Gaming Institute for that February 2015 meeting. He listened to Bernhard describe what he believed to be the NFL’s biggest concerns regarding gambling: corruption, addiction and the sharing of inside information. Bernhard explained how Nevada’s regulated sports betting industry approaches those issues.patriots_033

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