In Pittsburgh, Martin learned about overcoming adversity.

He signed a hefty five-year, $25 million deal but the first year was a struggle. After the Olympics, Martin’s grandfather — who he was very close to — passed away. And to start the season, he was still working his way back from the arm injury. “Adjusting to the city of Pittsburgh, the market that’s so crazy about hockey and their sports teams, was hard,” Martin says. “There were a lot of expectations. It took awhile to get used to it.”

Then-Penguins GM Ray Shero sat Martin down several times, and even asked the defenseman if he wanted get a fresh start with a trade. “Ray Shero was really good about it,” Martin said. “I said I’d come back, and I refocused. The next two-and-a-half seasons — one was shortened by lockout — were some of my better seasons as a player.”

“Shoot, he is a smaller version of John Wall,” Wizards forward Otto Porter said. “He’s so quick. He is amazing … Somebody you can’t sleep on. He might be small, but he can create a lot of havoc in the paint.”

But Lawson’s life off the court appeared to be just as disruptive. During the 2014-15 season, Lawson was arrested twice on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. In January 2015, he was pulled over in Denver for speeding, which led to his arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. Lawson was charged with speeding, careless driving and driving while intoxicated, but as part of a plea deal reached, he pleaded guilty to driving while his ability was impaired and guilty to a lane-usage violation while having three other charges dismissed.

Among those honorable mentions: Julius Randle calling out Hart for talking too much on team plane rides. Kuzma rubbing it in Ball’s and Hart’s faces that he’s among the finalists for #BestStyle for the NBA’s fan-voted awards. Kuzma challenging Ball to make a better album than Nas, who reportedly will be releasing his next album on June 15.

At the beginning of week, Ball celebrated his first win in Fortnite by screaming and waking up his girlfriend on his Instagram post. After seeing tweets about Ball’s first victory, Hart — who plays as much Fortnite as any NBA player — claimed he’s Ball’s “proud father.”

Matt Joyce (L), 9.2 percent, Oakland Athletics vs. Chicago White Sox (RHP Carson Fulmer): Left-handed batters have worn Fulmer down in his short career with a .361 wOBA in 104 plate appearances. Joyce is best deployed when top-side platoon assignments fall into his lap and he can unleash his.252/.353/.458 slash in that split.canucks_005

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