Brandon Marshall joins the Seahawks

In 12 NFL seasons, Brandon Marshall has never been to the playoffs.

Now, he’s joining a team that would conceivably give him a chance.

Two games later, Perez broke his leg. All that progress was gone in an instant. Perez missed the rest of that season and all of spring practice. Southwestern brought in a transfer quarterback from Florida International — a Division I player who had won California Player of the Year in high school — to replace Perez.

You don’t realize how much you need your legs until you don’t have one, until you’re handicapped a little bit, Perez says now, in a light tone before getting a little more serious.

Elissa Ennis testified last week that she lied to the police when she accused Foster of attacking her in February. She said she wanted retribution after Foster tried to end their relationship, saying she was angry and I wanted to end him. She testified that Foster never hit her.

Foster was arrested after Ennis told police he dragged her by her hair, physically threw her out of their house, and punched her in the head eight to 10 times in February.

Mike Martz, a San Diego native, will coach the San Diego team. He served as offensive coordinator the Super Bowl XXXIV champion Rams in 1999, and as head coach Martz took the Rams to Super Bowl XXXVI. (Maybe Kurt Warner can come out of retirement to play for Martz, or at least openly muse about the possibility before claiming it’s a #slownewsday when people react.)

The Chargers played in San Diego from 1961 through 2016, moving to L.A. last year. The AAF is due to begin playing the Sunday after Super Bowl LIII.

Prosecutors had continued to pursue the case despite Ennis’ recantation. The prosecution said her testimony at last week’s hearing couldn’t be trusted given inconsistencies throughout.

Ennis testified that Foster broke up with her after she got into a fight with another woman during a road rage incident in San Francisco. She said her injuries resulted from that fight. A 22-second video clip of the fight was presented as evidence in the case.

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