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Melvin Ingram Jersey blasted Trevor Siemian Jersey with a perfectly legal hit but got flagged anyway

Melvin Ingram sacked Trevor Siemian in the second quarter of the Chargers’ matchup with the Broncos. He was flagged for roughing the passer, even though it was a clean hit. Inside the conference room, Goodell kicked off the session by asking each of the 11 owners to give his account of the players’ meeting. Nearly […]

New Orleans company is trying to put a ’28-3′ billboard outside the Falcons’ new stadium

A New Orleans-based T-shirt company is looking to create a stir in Atlanta with a new billboard it’s trying to get erected right next to the Falcons’ new stadium: At this point we don’t really need to explain the significance. That’s the score of the Super Bowl late in the third quarter, right before the […]

The Rockets gave James Harden the puppy treatment for National Puppy Day

The Rockets celebrated National Puppy Day by covering James Harden in puppies. Brown is another riser throughout the course of the season. He was someone scouts were excited for in the preseason, but it took him time to put everything together. To be honest, he still hasn’t quite gotten there yet. He needs to improve […]

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there’s no way they could know that I was looking at work by the next great American master

The trade-off was worth it. I had to get up from the café car and stand in the weird metal space between two of the train cars because I was laughing so hard I’d started to cry, and other passengers were looking at me as though I’d become a physical manifestation of this image. Given […]

Mike Trout’s performance should have us thinking about how many records he might shatter

His 2016 season was as good as any of the previous four. He matched a career high for OPS, set new ones for walks and on-base percentage, remembered after two quiet baserunning seasons that he’s a top-tier base stealer, and by some advanced metrics had the best defensive season he has had since he was […]

It was the case of Nicklinson that exerted the deepest influence on me

Welby says former archbishop’s comments lacked appreciation for ‘risks and dangers to people’ if law is changed The Archbishop of Canterbury, Welby. Photograph: Gareth Fuller The Archbishop of Canterbury, Welby, has criticised the support expressed for assisted dying by one of his predecessors, Dr George, saying that it lacked appreciation for the risks Mike Webster […]

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson tore a meniscus in his knee

“It was kind of a freak deal,” Thielen says. “He was dropping back and got tripped up and just awkwardly stepped on his knee. It’s hard to talk about. It was bad.” Running back Jerick McKinnon shakes his head slowly Andy Greene Authentic Womens Jersey when asked to describe what he saw that morning. He […]

Von Miller is good at everything, except kicking a football

Von Miller is a star, on and off the field. He’s the reigning Super Bowl MVP. He’s great at celebrating big plays. Miller is a master of social media, and he’s a phenomenal dancer. He’s also the highest-paid defender in the NFL. What isn’t Miller good at, you may ask? Von Miller is bad at […]

Odell Beckham Jr. is playing with a sore hip. How effective will he be?

Giants wide receiver and kicking net lover Odell Beckham Jr. is active for Sunday’s game in London against the Rams. However, he is still dealing with a lingering hip injury that left his status in doubt earlier in the week and could have an impact on how much he plays. The Bears are 1-6 and […]